CV: PDF file (January 1, 2019)

Recent Award: Educator of the Year, Higher Education. North American Association for Environmental Education (2018).



PhD (2013), Natural Resources, Cornell University, USA.
MS (2006), Natural Resources, Cornell University, USA.
BS (2001), Environmental Protection, Tomsk State University, Russia.


Current Work

I am an Extension Associate at Cornell University. I conduct environmental education research about urban environmental education, sense of place, and online teaching. I also organize international online courses for professional development of environmental educators, such as “Introduction to Environmental Education,” “Urban Environmental Education,” “Global Environmental Education,” and “Green Cities.”

Recently I was the first editor of the “Urban Environmental Education Review” book published by Cornell University Press (2007). This book, authored by 82 professors and experts in environmental education, contains 30 chapters, and has already been used as a textbook in several universities.

Selected Publications

(My pen name Alex Russ is used in recent publications.)

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  • Li, Y., Krasny, M., and Russ, A. (in-progress). Impact of environmental educator professional development online courses on participants’ practice and career.
  • DuBois, B., Krasny, M., and Russ, A. (2019, accepted). Online professional development for environmental educators: Strategies to foster critical thinking and social interactions. Environmental Education Research. Article will be available at:
  • Russ, A., and Krasny, M. (Eds.) (2017). Urban environmental education review. Ithaca, New York: Cornell University Press.
  • Russ, A. and Krasny, M.E. (Eds.) (2016). Essays in urban environmental education. Ithaca, NY and Washington, DC: Cornell University Civic Ecology Lab and NAAEE. Download PDF
  • Russ, A. (2016). Urban environmental education narratives. Washington, DC and Ithaca, NY: NAAEE and Cornell University. (ISBN: 978-0-692-60002-3)
  • 王四海, 郭方斌, Alex Russ, 程希平, 吴 超. (2016). 美国露营活动流行原因分析及对我国的启示. 世界地理研究, 25(1): 115-124. [Wang, S., Guo, F., Russ, A., Cheng, X., Wu, C. (2016). Camping in the U.S.: Inspiration for China. World Regional Studies, 25(1): 115-124.] doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1004-9479.2016.01.013 PDF
  • Russ, A., Peters, S.J., Krasny, M.E., and Stedman, R.C. (2015). Development of ecological place meaning in New York City. Journal of Environmental Education, 46(2), 73–93.
  • Russ, A. (Ed.). (2015). Urban environmental education. Ithaca, NY and Washington, DC: Cornell University Civic Ecology Lab, NAAEE, and EECapacity. (ISBN 978-0-692-34957-1)
  • Kudryavtsev, A., Krasny, M., and Stedman, R. (2012). The impact of environmental education on sense of place among urban youth. Ecosphere, 3(4):29.
  • Kudryavtsev, A., Stedman, R., and Krasny, M. (2011). Sense of place in environmental education. Environmental education research, 18(2), 229–250.

Selected Reports

1  2  2012 Road Trip  2014 Road Trip

  • Russ, A., Li, Y., Krasny, M. (2017). Urban Environmental Education: Online Course Report. Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Civic Ecology Lab.
  • Russ, A., Mikhailova M., Kobzar O., Adam A. (2017). The system of lifelong environmental education in Tomsk, Russia. Washington, DC: Global Environmental Education Partnership.


Environmental education research, urban environmental education, sense of place, online course development and teaching, and educator professional development.

Places Traveled

  • 7 continents (visited all continents): Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America.
  • 38 countries (blue shade on the map): Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Czech Republic, Cuba, Ecuador, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, Netherlands, Paraguay, Peru, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, South Korea, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States (visited all 50 states), Vatican.